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ROTOFLEX SUPER is modular construction machine. Each printing station is a complete entity by itself. Therefore a station or two can always be added even at a later stage provided that the main drive power rating is taken care of right in the beginning.

A printing cylinder can be loaded/unloaded on each print station through a unique shaftless, pneumatic chucking arrangement. This technique not only save the changeover time but also ensure the exact center-to-center locking.

The machine is equipped with seven AC motor integrated digital drive and PC / panel view controls.
All the four tension zones are equipped with frictionless dance feed back devices, which ensure very precise actual web tension control. 
The digital drive precision tension control, together with the automatic length register control equipment and the web viewing system ensure superb end result. These feature are the ultimate as far as the gravure press automation is concerned. 
Speed upto 300 mtr/min.
NOTE :- Description and Specifications of the machine are subject to change without prior notice. 


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