Equipment for the extraction of energy from renewable sources
1-Wind turbines

 2-Solar panels

2) Thermal power equipment

 1-Thermal power plants

 2-Boilers and cogeneration equipment 

 3) Nuclear equipment

  1-Nuclear reactors

  2-Nuclear fuel processing equipment

4) Hydropower equipment

 1-Hydro generators

 2-Hydraulic turbines and hydraulic units

5) Geothermal energy equipment

 1-Geothermal power plants

 2-Heat pumps

6) Energy storage and energy storage systems

 1-Battery installations

 2-Hydraulic accumulators

7) Automation and monitoring systems for power equipment

 1-Energy process management systems

 2-Remote control systems

8) Power grid equipment

 1-Transformers and high-voltage devices

2-High voltage electrical installations

9) Energy saving and energy efficiency technologies

 1-Electrical energy saving equipment.

 2-Equipment for the production of energy from waste

10) Energy monitoring and data storage systems

 1-Sensors and sensors

 2-Energy management systems