PLASTPACK 1. Extrusion equipment: a. Extruders: Used to melt and shape plastic into continuous profiles such as pipes, tubes, sheets and films. b. Calenders: Used to create plastic sheets or films of precise thickness and width. EVA Sheet Extruder Line for the production of cable channels Biodegradable Plastic Sheet Extruder 3D Printer Plastic Filament Extrusion Line 2. Injection molding equipment: a. Injection molding machines: Used to inject molten plastic into the mold cavity, producing hard plastic products with complex shapes and precise dimensions. Vertical injection molding machine Horizontal injection molding machine Injection molding machine for casting PVC sheathed wires Mini injection molding machine 3. Blow Molding Equipment: a. Blow molding machines: Used to create hollow plastic products such as bottles and containers by pumping air into molten plastic parsons inside the mold cavity. Semi-auto Blow Molding Machine Bottle Blow Molding Machine 4. Thermoforming equipment a. Thermoforming machines: Used to heat and shape plastic sheets of various shapes, such as trays, packaging containers and disposable cups. b. Vacuum forming machines: Create molds using vacuum suction to attract the heated plastic sheet to the surface of the mold. Vacuum Forming Machine for Styrofoam Packaging Plastic cup/egg tray/Lunchbox making machine 5. Rotary molding equipment: a. Rotary molding machines: Used to produce hollow plastic products of complex shape with uniform wall thickness, such as large containers, tanks and playground equipment. The process involves rotating the mold during heating and melting of the plastic resin. 6. Compression molding equipment: a. Compression molding machines: Used for molding thermosetting plastics by applying heat and pressure to a pre-measured amount of plastic placed in a heated mold cavity. Machines for molding polyurethane soles 7. Plastic Recycling Equipment: a. Shredders: Used to crush plastic waste into smaller pieces. b. Granulators: Further reduce the size of plastic pieces to facilitate recycling. c. Extruders: Convert crushed or granular plastic into recyclable shapes such as pellets or flakes. Granulator for wood-plastic 8. Auxiliary equipment: a. Bins and dryers: Store and dry plastic resins before processing. b. Conveyors: transport plastic materials between different stages of processing. c. Temperature controllers: Regulate and maintain the temperature of plastic processing equipment. d. Dry and water cooling systems: Contribute to the cooling and solidification of plastic products. Vertical mixer for polymers 9. Molds for plastic products are special equipment designed to mold plastic material into the desired shape and size. It is used in the process of injection molding, extrusion and other plastic processing methods. 10. Plastic recycling lines - complex equipment for the creation of plastic products. It includes the stages of extrusion, molding and finishing. Sandwich Panel Production Line Line for the production of pipes (rope profile) from foamed polyethylene